Wonderhussy Gummies Sleep Aid 10 ct


Wonderhussy Sleep AId Gummies 10 Count Pouch – NEW FORMULA!

1mg of Delta 9 per Gummy, 15mg CBN, 10mg CBD, 100mg L-Theanine, 5mg Chamomile. 10 count per bag 100mg,

Wonderhussy Gummies – Blueberry Sleep Aid Gummies are all natural and made with tapioca instead of gelatin.

Our D9 gummies are compliant with the conditions of the 2018 Agriculture Act (aka. 2018 Farm Bill) and are made in the US using quality hemp and organic practices.

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Delta 9 can work with your endocannabinoid system to give you a sense of calm and feeling of balance within yourself.

Delta 9 has also been attested to help to support quality of sleep, moods, appetite, stress management, and relief from minor discomfort.

This product is derived from 100% legal USA grown Hemp. Contains less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 Dollars!

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